How our minds work

Applied Knowledge is power

In order to master our thoughts and emotions, we need to understand how our minds work otherwise we are just taking stabs in the dark, figuratively speaking. Sentis have done an incredible job with the following short animated videos. I do not hold any copyright for these and they play directly from the Sentis Youtube account, however these provide a huge foundation and would highly recommend them.

Areas of the brain

Conscious vs. Subconscious thinking

How the brain works

Limitations of the brain

Emotions and the Brain


The Social Brain

Managing Stress for Safety

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Why Suffer Alone: Overcoming Negative Thoughts, Overthinking, Panic Attacks, Depression, Stress and Social Anxiety

What this book shares is the life lessons of someone who has spent many years in the dark cloud of depression, anxiety, and elevated stress levels. It was a life of disempowerment, of thriving on the victim mentality, and of endless suffering without purpose. It was also a time of bondage, of bad memories stored away right in the top drawer of the memory bank, ready to be flipped open and shared whenever possible, ready to disempower whenever it could.

It is, however, also a story of hope, one that started when fears were faced head-on. When you opt to run from your fears, you will always be chased. Hence, the advice, tips, guidance, and practical examples shared in this book are from a life of overcoming victimization and the freedom you, too, can enjoy when you take responsibility for your life.

The hope is to help you find the wisdom, courage, motivation, and inspiration you need to move from darkness and into the light.

In Why Suffer Alone, you’ll discover:

  • What is Stress, the 5 Stages of Stress and how to look out for them
  • The Cycle and challenges of Change
  • Panic Attacks, What Happens in Your Body When You Have a Panic Attack and how to Get Through a Panic Attack
  • Depression—A Cause or an Effect
  • Your Brain and how it Adapts to a Change of Perspective
  • How Neuroplasticity Works and How to Use is to Your Benefit
  • Expand the Horizons of Your Emotional Intelligence
  • Your Self-Talk, it’s purpose and Adjusting the Tone of Your Inner Voice
  • What is Overthinking and how to Know the Signs
  • Why Negative Thoughts Trap Our Minds Much Easier
  • Role of  Desire and Expectation
  • How to Set Yourself Free From Negative Thinking
  • How to Break Bad Habits
  • The Importance of Living in the Moment
  • How to Overcome Social Anxiety and Build Your Network of Support
  • Meditation, how it works and how to Meditate
  • The Importance of Visualization
  • Mindset Growth Hacks

PLUS, WE’LL TAKE A DEEP DIVE ON Freedom and What it Truly Means to be free

  • how to overcome depression
  • how to overcome Anxiety
  • how to overcome Stress
  • how to overcome Fear
  • how to overcome Negative Thoughts
  • How to deal with depression
  • How to deal with depression and anxiety
  • How to deal with depression at home
  • How to deal with anxiety
  • How to deal with Negative Thoughts
  • Stress anxiety depression relief
  • Panic attacks and anxiety relief

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